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General Information

Our Mission: 

We are Harbor Physical Therapy, a family of healthcare professionals dedicated
to enhancing patients’ active lifestyles through our skills and compassion.
We serve our community and enrich the lives of our employees.

We are committed to excellence.

Our Programs:

Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Post Surgical Rehabilitation
Injury Prevention
Senior Balance and Strength
Strength and Conditioning
Golf: Fit for Fairway

Ski: Fit for Slopes
Sports Performance
Fitness Program
TMJ and Headache
Women’s Health
Work Conditioning and Work Hardening
Physical/Functional Capacity Evaluations
Massage Therapy


How we are Different:

Hands-on, active Treatments

Licensed Physical Therapist Exercise Prescription
Licensed Personnel Supervision of Exercise

Impairment Specific, Individualized Programs
Modified as Needed, Function-Based Programs

Specialized Physical Therapy
Pilates-Based, Women's Health, Chronic Pain, Sport Specific, Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Results Oriented Treatments
Goal Setting to Treat the Whole Person and Return to Prior Level of Function